Sumiko vs Malibu

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Sumiko vs. Malibu (BIG VS. LITTLE)

In a highly physical and competitive Classy Broads matchup, the petite Asian Sumiko battles the bigger Malibu. Both want a win badly, and the action reflects as much. However as always, there can only be one winner. Which lady is that here?

Along with those modes of offense, the ladies showcase plenty of their own unique moves also. For Sumiko, these consist of a jawbreaker, dropkicks, body splashes and elbow drops, and for Malibu, they are made up of side suplexes, a sidewalk slam, a backbreaker, a side surfboard submission, several hard versions of a hip toss to the mat, a flapjack coming off the ropes, and a last ride.

Who finally ends up on top when this back and forth match is over with? Is it tiny Sumiko or the larger Malibu?

With everything that these two bring out of their bag of tricks (not to mention the physical contrast between them), you’d be hardpressed to find something to dislike about this match! Sumiko and Malibu pull out all the stops in their bid for a win! Very entertaining encounter between two tough women!

(Shot In 4K)