Santana Garrett vs Sin D

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Santana Garrett and Sin D meet up for the first time at UWW in this contest. And though it starts out respectful and technical, it doesn’t finish that way! By the time the match winds down, any niceties that existed are totally out the window and it’s simply a fight to the finish! Who ends up on top when the battle comes to an end? As stated, the match doesn’t start out physical, with both ladies feeling each other out a bit. Santana and Sin D have a tie up that ends up in a stalemate, do a test of strength that goes similarly and exchange side headlocks, hammerlocks and go behinds, before the heat gets turned up with Santana leading the way! She really takes it to Sin D, punishing her with headbutts to the head and body both, driving knees into the small of her back and stomach, choking her with her boot in the corner, delivering a forearm, back elbow and European uppercut to the head, hitting her with martial arts kicks to the back and face while on the mat, stomping on and kicking into her stomach and getting really nasty at a couple points by wishboning her and viciously pinching her fingers on both of her hands! Santana pushes Sin D to her limit and then some! Sin D has a response to all that however! She counterattacks Santana’s brutal offense with her own forearm shots (including a few to her chest and stomach) one payback martial arts kick to her back, rams her head into the corner turnbuckle, does some boot choking herself once she has her there and even goes so far as to slam her face down to the mat in what is almost an X-Factor! She shows Santana if she wants to be rough, she can play that way too just as easily! There are a small amount of actual wrestling moves once things get rougher, with Sin D executing a variation of a Camel Clutch on Santana after putting a brief Armbar on her, while Santana makes use of a Front Facelock and a Jaw Breaker on her side of things, but for the most part once the brawl begins any technical wrestling is long forgotten! Which lady takes the victory in this physical matchup? This is an interesting one in that it starts out with a lot of chain wrestling, then quickly and abruptly devolves into something more akin to a street fight! You get a little bit of both hard hitting strong style wrestling, and classic old school mat style wrestling here! Consider it sort of the best of both worlds! (Shot in 4K)