Ruby Raze vs "Hardcore" Heather Owens Falls Count Anywhere!

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Falls Count Anywhere Match *KO ENDING*

Ruby Raze and “Hardcore” Heather Owens get it on for the very first time in this contest, and they have an insane falls count anywhere match that features plenty of weaponry and a KO finish!

Even never having met, both know of each other. Heather in fact has reffed a similar match between Ruby and her sister Kathy (a match Kathy won), in a previous video. Heather in particular, quite likes the dynamic her and her opponent share, seeing a fair few similarities between them. With this in mind, she challenges Ruby to a falls count anywhere, anything goes, No DQ, hardcore match!

Ruby takes a second to ponder the idea, before accepting to Heather’s delight. Having the ground rules set, Heather wastes no time in punching Ruby in the stomach, stunning the darker haired woman, and getting a jump start on things as the match starts!

This bout goes all over the place, spilling out of the ring in a hurry! Once outside, the contest quickly becomes a straight up street fight style brawl! There are MANY items used as weapons of attack on the floor, that include a sign, a shoe that somehow got tossed into the ring at the start of the fight, a broom, a coat hanger, a paint roller, a wrestling flyer, a clock, a dustpan, a coathanger, and a steel chair! These two use everything they can to brutalize each other, getting George the punching dummy involved at one point as well! If there was a kitchen sink somewhere around that ring, they woulda no doubt used that too!

There is a small amount of wrestling mixed in with the hardcore action outside the ring, with a headbutt, a running butt splash into the corner (w/butt grinds against the victim for added effect after the fact), a running kick to the crotch that is termed the “vagnado”, boot chokes in the corner and against the ropes, two butt drops across the back all being used in the ring portion of the match, and a camel clutch, hand choke, and kick to the crotch used once it hits the floor.

The majority of this matchup though is pure street fight, use what you can to take the other woman out action! One wrestler ends up KO’d and pinned by the end. Who scores the win in this wild wild affair!

This is an awesome hardcore fight! It has a very gritty ECW feel to it almost! Fans of down and dirty brawls will wanna get this one! Look for a cameo from Heather’s sister Kathy Owens near the end!