Rock C VS CJ Lane

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Battling For Family Honor!

CJ Lane takes up a fight for her cousin Nikki in “Battling For Family Honor”, taking on Rock C. Rock C doesn’t really care for the Lane girls much, making a point to mention that UWW would be far better without either of them in it. Needless to say this raises the ire of CJ quite a bit! If her cousin Nikki was there, she’d put her in her place! But as she isn’t, she wants to do it for her! Can she?

In order for her to back up her promise, she’s gonna have to endure a lot from Rock C first! The self assured “Rock and Roll” wrestler utilizes all sorts of moves and tactics on CJ, including a fisherman’s suplex, an inverted hip toss, a modified STF, a couple of leglocks including one said to be in a Brazilian style, a sliding drop kick while CJ is on laying near the ropes, a running knee to the face, a wristlock, side and traditional headlocks, a butt drop across the back, chokes on the ropes and in the corner, several hair attacks, eye attacks and punches to the face, and kicks and stomps to the body.

Somehow withstanding all of that, CJ is able to respond with her own wristlocks,side headlocks, leglocks and butt drops to the back, a hammerlock out of a whip into the ropes (which impresses even the ref!), a running body splash in the corner, a headbutts into the midsection, a body scissor, a leglock, and a punch to the back of Rock C’s head.

CJ really really wants to take Rock C down for how she spoke of her family. Is she able to pull it off in the end despite all the punishment she takes?

Rough encounter with plenty at stake! 15 minutes