Ray Lyn vs Jezabel Romo

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Ray Lyn makes her UWW debut in this match. She takes on the veteran Jezebel Romo. Raylyn says that she is the most beautiful girl in wrestling and that no can match her beauty and talent. She will start to twerk and then Jezebel then appears and confronts her and tell her that she is not going to take her spot at UWW and that she wasn't the hottest girl either. Ray tells Jezebel she is just jealous of her and challenge her to a twerk off!! Jezebel will accept and the twerk off is on. Ray gets upset with Jezebel and attacks her while she's twerking from behind and the match begins !

Jezebel and Ray Lyn go to war and have an action packed match! They trade the advantage back and forth. Jez puts Ray in the Boston Crab, and head scissors her and Ray punches Jez and gives Jez a stink face in the cornThese ladies had an awesome and entertaining match!