Ray Lyn vs Camie Fields

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It’s All About Respect!

The bubbly Raylyn McAwesome battles a well traveled and angry Cami Fields in this bout!

Raylyn comes into this match, very confident and full of energy, believing she will take Cami down, but the veteran is having none of that! Raylyn is too cheery for her tastes, and she pays for it early on! Cami has come in with a major chip on her shoulder, and takes the fight right to the blonde w/streaks of purple, beating her up considerably! It appears in this early stage, that it’s going to be a total squash match!

Cami underestimated Raylyn however, who ends up giving her a lot more than she bargained for, fighting back hard! If she’s to prove a point to the peppy wrestler, she is gonna have to truly earn it!

This is a really physical contest, that features copious amounts of punching, kicking, and chopping, along with several head rams into the corners, camel clutches (or as Raylyn calls hers, a cameltoe), a surfboard, a boston crab, an airplane spin, a headscissor, a leg drop across the throat, a clothesline, leg chokes in the corner, and a choke with the ropes.

Does Cami teach Raylyn a lesson in the end, or does Raylyn take down the tough wrestler and teach her to show a little more respect to her opponents? One woman leaves the ring extremely mad in this one, get this video and find out who! 10 minutes