Mila Naniki vs Ray Lyn

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Twerk Off Gone Wrong!

A debate over who has the bigger ass, leads to a twerk contest between Ray Lynn and newcomer Mila Naniki that quickly becomes nasty in this physical matchup! It’s one that is one sided for most of it, but does the outcome reflect it?

Ray Lynn and Mila both are convinced they have the bigger ass! The ladies take turns as this video starts, shaking their booties for one another, each thoroughly convinced their butt, and their twerking skills along with it, are superior to the other.

As this posterior duel goes on, the debate over who is better grows more and more heated. The argument culminates with an angry Ray Lynn challenging Mila to a full on twerk off to settle it! However, once Mila accepts this challenge, Ray Lynn’s true motivations come out, when she comes over and takes a bite out of the self proclaimed booty monster’s ass when her is back is turned! Things are deadly serious now as the real contest begins!

Mila is flabbergasted at the tactic! That her purple haired foe had the gall to do what she just did is shocking to her! Ray Lynn takes full advantage of the stunned Mila who is now on her knees, following up the dirty ass bite with several kicks to her body. When she tries to grab Mila after that, her opponent is able to escape her clutches by delivering a few elbows to her midsection, but nonetheless she is very much in trouble!

Despite her confidence and general domination though, Ray Lynn does suffer a bit of punishment as well at points, in the form of sidekicks, a strike to the throat, a low blow by way of a kick, a stinkface, and getting a taste of her own medicine on a few occasions as Mila matches her chest chop, boot choking and hair pulling with some of her own attacks.

Ray Lynn controls the majority of this bout, but can she put the young Mila away in the end? There’s a highly angry loser when this one is over!

Pretty intense encounter here, with some hot butt shaking action as window dressing. Shot in 4K!