Merica Strong vs Black Widow

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Feuding Tag Partners!

Tempers flare between former tag team partners Merica Strong and Black Widow in “Feuding Tag Partners”, after a loss in a previous unreleased video causes accusations to fly over who is to blame. Merica was the one who ate the pin in that match so Black Widow sees her as why they lost, but Merica contends Black Widow shoulda been there to prevent that pin. An issue such as this can only be settled in the ring of course, and with each lady more than ready to kick the others’ ass, the now ex duo does just that. Which part of the team scores the duke over the other?

With such intense emotions involved, this match is physical and at times dirty! Black Widow uses wristlocks, a hammerlock, a side headlock, a double axe handle to the back, a ddt, a clothesline, a half crab, and a modified sit out powerbomb to go along with some vicious throat choking while Merica is against the ropes. many hard punches to the face and body, body and side kicks, several leg attacks on the mat including some corkscrew leg whips, and hairpulling.

Not to be outshined, Merica has a lot of offense of her own to dish out as well, with hers, and a lot of it is more brawling in nature when compared to Black Widow’s. Her tactics include chokes, headbutts to the body, head rams and running clothelines all in the corner, kicks to the small of the back, quite a few punches to the face and body to match her friend turned enemy, rakes of the eyes and hairpulling, with only a few more technical moves in her arsenal, those being headlocks and chinlocks on the mat and a standing surfboard.

Who comes out the winner of this heated grudge match? Does Merica get a little revenge for Black Widow not being around to bail her out in their earlier match? Or is Black Widow the one who scores revenge for Merica costing her a loss in her eyes?

Hard hitting battle between two women with a major score to settle with each other! If you enjoy matches where past friends turn on each other and really go at it hard, this is one you will very much like!

(Shot in 4K)