​Little Bit vs. Nikki Lane

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“You’re Just A Little *&^*!”

The long running feud between Little Bit and Nikki Lane continues here, as the two battle it out once again in “You’re Just A Little ^&*”!

Going into this particular meeting, Little Bit is feeling pretty pushed aside! She was the main catalyst for UWW in its’ infancy, and as the owner she had to keep her own interests on the backburner. Well she got tired of that and gave up her ownership rights to someone else, but since then she’s found herself pushed back even worse than she was when she was the owner! It’s reached a point where matches are being taped and she isn’t even there for them!

Who is the main culprit for all this in her eyes? It’s none other than her chief rival Nikki Lane! This of course cannot stand, and so she is here to reclaim that spot from her, to get things back where they should be!

Nikki naturally has her own thoughts on Little Bit’s griping, calling her jealous, and and further telling her she is sounding more like a Little Bitch than a Little Bit! At this, Little Bit hauls off and smacks Nikki the face with all the force she can muster! The time for talking is over, it’s now time to fight!

Little Bit uses a few different arm bar attacks to immobilize Nikki, getting help from the ropes for one of them. That particular version of the hold puts a big time hurt on her foe, Nikki made to scream in immense pain from it as her arm is pulled downward! She also uses head and bodyscissors during the match, as well as a full nelson, a chinlock, and a series of jumping wristlocks that eventually leads to a hammerlock on the mat.

As far as the less technical attacks, those include several butt drops across Nikki’s back, knee drops across her arm, a rake of the face after she has applied the chinlock, a solid stomach kick, and a nasty hairpull from behind as her opponent is sitting on the mat. Nikki is determined to take back what is hers and she definitely shows that!

For her to do that though, she has to first endure a couple surfboards by Nikki, one done in an elevated form, Nikki’s own bodyscissor attacks, a headlock, several knees into her back, a front facelock, some arm and shoulder stretching, a dropping of her knees on the mat, and a choke attack using the ropes.

Is Little Bit able to do what she set out to do against Nikki? Or does Nikki take the “Little &*^” and bring her back off her pedestal? Find out in this latest chapter in their ongoing rivalry!