Little Bit vs Arkansas Terror

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Man vs. Woman for UWW title *MIXED WRESTLING*

Little Bit puts her UWW belt on the line against the always cocky Arkansas Terror, in this mixed bout!

Ever the misogynist, Arkansas Terror promises to spray paint the women’s part of the title off when he takes it from Little Bit, but he will have to take it from her first!

To his credit, the masked man really gives Little Bit a fight in a match that includes armbars, full nelsons, reverse and normal figure fours, a bodyscissor, head and body kicks, a ddt, a backbreaker w/wrenching included, a running spinning back elbow, a running somersault neckbreaker, and at one point a little biting as well!

Is Arkansas able to make good on his promise and take the title from Little Bit? Or does Little Bit show that it’s a women’s championship for a reason?