Layne Rosario vs Kathy Owens

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The former Cherry Layne now known as Layne Rosario, battles one time kitten and now butcher Kathy Owens, in a falls count anywhere contest that sees a one sided beatdown from Kathy end with a shocking KO, in “The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall!”

Layne sees Kathy and wonders just what is going on. She thought she was supposed to fight a redhead named Aria, but evidently it’s not the case, as she’s not there while Kathy is! Kathy feigns innocence about her whereabouts, but it seems plausible as she speaks, that she had a little to do with her disappearance, perhaps even tying her up!

In any event, Kathy is here in her place, and ready for a big fight! That the match that was planned was falls count anywhere, suits her just fine as well, as she has plenty of history with the Layne family to draw from!

Right from the start she shows it too, striking Layne in the stomach and several times in the back of the head, putting her adversary on the mat. A hard kick to the small of the back, and a stomp to the ankle follow this, Layne already in trouble.

Her hated rival already begging off, Kathy picks her up, and acts apologetic for being an asshole, but then pokes Layne in the eyes! This move sends Layne into the ropes, which sets her up to be scoop slammed in the center of the ring. Prone on the mat from there, Layne is a sitting duck for the butcher to come crashing down on her neck with a nasty leg drop, made even worse by the big girl holding her leg there after the fact! Layne is really feeling the hurt from Kathy!

Not letting Layne up, Kathy transitions to a headscissor, squeezing the life out of her opponent, while mocking her new name as Layne argues with her. Said arguing leads to Kathy standing up over her with the headscissor still locked on, and dropping down repeatedly on her head with all her weight. This leaves Layne dazed to say the least!

Taking full advantage, Kathy continues, putting Layne in a reverse chinlock on the mat, but in a brief moment of fight, she soon finds the hold broken by a jawbreaker from her enemy, which sends her crashing to the canvas in shock.

Now it’s Layne’s turn to fake mercy, taking a page from Kathy’s book of tricks by faking concern for her neck, and then doing what was done to her earlier by poking her eyes, and then going further from there by raking Kathy’s back as well, a tactic she said she learned from her!

Kathy doesn’t stay down for long however, regaining control with shot to the gut and back, and continuing from there by showing Layne why she is now the butcher instead of the kitten, striking her with several double axehandle blows to the back. Then when Layne tries to flee, a stomp to the back is given for her troubles, followed by Kathy standing on her hair, Layne begging off as Kathy stands there acting oblivious to her pain. Kathy has Layne right where she wants her at this period of the bout!

Kathy shows her mean side once again next, playing like she is gonna let Layne up, but deciding not to, letting her fall to the mat instead, laughing at her in the process. Another kick to Layne’s back is employed after that, Kathy having a ton of fun at the smaller girl’s expense!