Layne Rosario vs Betty Battles

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Defending the Family

Cherry Layne and Betty Battles matchup in this bout that has a bit more riding on it than your average wrestling match for one woman! Betty comes into this match talking a lot of trash to redhead Cherry, especially about her family. She even goes as far to say she’ll not only beat her, but she’ll beat her sister as well! This talk as one may imagine incenses Cherry, and the fight is on!

Cherry and Betty have a match with a lot of rough and dirty tactics involved, with back rakes, hard elbow drops, leg chokes, a camel clutch, butt drops onto the back, body scissors and many punches, kicks, stomps and elbows to the head and body used on each other throughout this personal battle.

Is Cherry able to defend her family’s honor, or does Betty take her out enroute to her sister?