Kathy “The Butcher” Owens vs. Ruby Raze w/”Hardcore” Heather Owens as special referee

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Falls Count Anywhere match

Once the Kitten, but now the Butcher Kathy Owens, battles bad girl Ruby Raze, with Kathy’s sister “Hardcore” Heather Owens as the referee in this wild falls count anywhere matchup!

Kathy talks down Ruby to Heather before she shows up, pretty confident she can take the rough and tough girl in a falls count anywhere match. She thinks she is all sweetness and light as a matter of fact! Her sister knows better though, and tries to tell her as much, attempting to warn her about she is getting into, but Kathy isn’t listening. That is, until Ruby shows up behind her to confront her!

Now Kathy realizes she’s stepped in it a bit, but still reiterates what she thought she had heard about her, and what type of match she wanted. As Ruby stands there contemplating the challenge, Heather tries again to convince Kathy this is a bad idea, but she is persistent and the match gets underway.

Immediately Ruby goes on the attack, kneeing her in the stomach and hammering her hard in the small of her back, sending Kathy to her knees. Heather had tried to warn her, a fact she repeats after the initial assault, but Kathy had to experience it for herself to get it. She isn’t questioning her sister now!

Ruby follows the early offense, by grabbing Kathy’s arm and pulling on it, before giving her a humiliating and painful indian burn! Kathy screams in pain at the move, shocked Ruby would do that to her! Another knee and hammer to the back combo comes next, as Kathy writhes in pain from the punishment Ruby is dishing out. She is hurting badly!

As Kathy complains to Heather how she was not warned about this even though she was, Ruby now starts to get dirty with her! With Kathy lying on her stomach, she stands above her, and rips at her hair, before using all her body weight to come crashing down on her back! Heather doesn’t care for this much, but Ruby could care less what she thinks, continuing the punishment by raking and gouging at Kathy’s eyes! Kathy is really getting her ass kicked by Ruby up to this point!

She’s not done hurting her yet either, flipping the Butcher onto her back and crashing down on her again, this time twice! Kathy is coughing and wheezing after this, all the air completely knocked out of her by the big girl. Before she can get her wind back though, Ruby gets her in her own version of a surfboard, pulling back on Kathy’s hair and screaming for the moaning girl to give it up!

Kathy refuses however and although Ruby argues that she did give to Heather, the contest continues. It’s at this point, that the tide starts to turn! As Ruby is arguing with Heather as to whether Kathy had given up or not a moment ago, Kathy sneaks out to the apron. When Ruby comes over to get at her again, she finds herself on the receiving end of what she dished out to Kathy at the start of the match, taking a knee to her stomach from Owens! Kathy is really satisfied with herself! This match is far from over!

Kathy goes on from there, dropping Ruby’s neck across the ropes in a variation on a jawbreaker, and then drags her back to them from the outside and slams her right leg violently over the bottom rope. Now Kathy is the one in control!

It’s an intense brawl out there on the floor the rest of the way, with the two women battling with all they have for supremacy! They even go so far as to use the punching dummy George as a weapon in their attempt to defeat the other and prove they are the superior one 10 minutes