Kaci Lennox vs Veronica Fairchild

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Generational Battle: Veronica's Humbling Lesson! (SQUASH; KO ENDING; INTERRACIAL)

In her first match with us, young and fit ebony UWW rookie Kaci Lennox, teaches the older, larger framed and much more experienced white woman Veronica Fairchild a lesson about underestimating youth, in this interracial squash match with a KO ending, titled "Generational Battle: Veronica's Humbling Lesson"! Veronica doesn't think much of the upstart Kaci before the bout, but by its' end she has no choice but to respect her!

Right from the start, Kaci shows Veronica she is serious about making a name for herself, mocking Veronica about her old age as she stretches before the match. It goes to the point of acting as if she's deaf and wearing a hearing aid even, repeating the personal jab several times! She thinks Veronica is no match at all for her! 1o minutes