Jezabel Romo And ruby Raze vs Kathy Owens and Hardcore Heather Owens

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Lucha Girls vs. Classy Broads! *TAG TEAM*

Company pride is on the line in this wild tag team battle, as Lucha Girls Jezebel Romo and Ruby Raze take on Classy Broads main stays and sisters “Kitten” Kathy Owens and “Hardcore” Heather.

Ruby and Jezebel come into the matchup pretty confident, believing they can kick the siblings asses. Kathy and Heather hearing all the smack talk from the pair, decide they would rather be elsewhere and try and leave the ring, but as soon as they turn their back, the cocky Mexican women attack from them from behind and the fight begins!

Raze and Romo really take it to the shellshocked Owens sisters early on, each taking a girl and just torturing them, before the match settles down a bit and into a more traditional tag contest. It stays that way for a little while, but by the end things break down again, as all 4 end up in the ring at the finish!

In addition to a LOT of smack talk all throughout, this crazy tag matchup includes a headbutt drop into the crotch, butt drops across the back, arm and shoulder stretches, a camel clutch, an stf, a double team where one teams’ heads are rammed into each other, and a ddt.

One pair of ladies is left bickering with each other at the end of this one! Which company reigns supreme? Do the Lucha Girls come in and bring the Classy Broads down, or do Heather and Kathy protect their turf? 10 Minutes