Jessie Belle vs Veronica Fairchild

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You’re Not Southern! (Multiple KO’s)

Jersey girl Veronica Fairchild raises the ire of the southern belle Jessie Belle by trying to be something she isn’t in “You’re Not Southern!”, setting off a vicious brawl that sees the loser KO’d not once, but twice by her hated geographic adversary!

Jessie is CONVINCED Veronica isn’t from south and she’s not happy about it at ALL! Veronica flat calls her a liar when she hears this accusation, but Jessie won’t hear a word of it! She’s insistent she’s really from New Jersey! A fact that only gets proved in her eyes when Veronica trots out the old “we don’t pump our gas, we just pump our fists” line, something only a Jersey girl would know!

Veronica tries to put on an accent, but Jessie is not buying it, calling it all fake! What really cements things though for her, is when Veronica can’t give Jessie an answer to if she likes grits! She just KNOWS Veronica is all Yankee, and she’s majorly pissed about it! She can’t stand them!

Eventually Veronica snaps on Jessie, attacking her from behind, as she simply is unable to take anymore smack talk from the southern woman! Yes she’s from Jersey alright, and she isn’t gonna take the trashing Jessie is giving to her and her people lying down!

The now admitted Yankee, sets out from there to take her rival down in a very physical bout! She chokes (using both hands and boot), rakes at the face, punches, slams Jessie’s head into the corner and repeatedly throws her to the mat face first, in addition to applying a camel clutch and a front facelock on her. Veronica just wants to rip her apart after all the talking she did about Jersey people, and she does a pretty good job of it!

For her part though, Jessie has a fair bit of offense of her own, using a surfboard, a wristlock/hammerlock combo, a side headlock, a couple go behinds with one that is transitioned into a takedown, and her own front facelock on Veronica.

She’s not averse to her own dirty fighting either, matching the hated Jersey girl’s assaults with her own Southern style dirty tactics! These include rakes of the face and back, a bite when she has Veronica in the wristlock, a sharp kick to the chest while she’s down on the mat, a punch to the back of her head after the surfboard is let go of, a head ramming into the corner and several stomps to the midsection once she has her there.

After going at it tooth and nail like this, things end up with one wrestler getting KO’d twice in succession, the winner deciding she liked doing it so much the first time she wanted to do it again! Which one is it that faces that humiliation? Does the southern born and bred Jessie take it on the chin for opening her mouth about Jersey girls? Or does Veronica learn her own lesson about trying to be someone that she very clearly isn’t?