Jessie Belle vs Heather Owens

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Old Rivalry Squashed! (SQUASH MATCH)

Past geographic rivals meet again in "Old Rivalry Squashed", as the southern belle Jessie Belle takes on her old northern yankee nemisis "Hardcore" Heather Owens. In their previous encounter that was shot in a UWW ring "Civil War", the two had a pretty back and forth match that was won by Jessie with an old school DDT. Here though, on Heather's CBW turf in Florida, things are just a little bit different! Jessie is facing a highly motivated Heather this time and it shows, as Heather totally squashes her!

Heather comes into this with a major chip on her shoulder, being tired of hearing about Jessie in relation to her. She is determined to put a stop to all the talk right here and now! It takes a bit for her to get her groove, as the two chain wrestle a little early with a hammerlock used by Heather, and a headlock used by Jessie, but once Heather is able to get Jessie to the mat with a hard chop to the stomach, she's pretty much off to the races!

"Hardcore" shows exactly why she is that when she has her southern foe down, viciously attacking her on the mat to the point of biting her head! Jessie tries to battle back briefly, taking Heather down when she tries to smack Jessie's gritty southern ass, but following dual pin attempts, Heather puts her in a sleeper hold.

The sleeper doesn't get a victory for Heather just yet, but she has now established firm control of Jessie! A second try to fight back via a jawbreaker on her is again short lived, as Heather moves out of the way when Jessie runs at her in the corner, and having her prone there, starts to chop her in the chest Ric Flair style! Jessie curses Flair, but she is helpless to do anything about her predicament!

Heather's strong assault continues from there, as she follows the chops with some throat choking, and then after snapmaring her out of the corner, kicks her hard in the small of her back and puts her in a debiliating surfboard submission, laying on her back as she locks it in for more leverage. I don't think Jessie expected this from Heather today!

Soon after this brutal hold, it is back to the corner for Jessie, where she suffers a humiliating stinkface, one that is repeated a few times as Heather relishes putting "water" in Jessie's grits with her classy white ass, and also endures a boot choke. There's little doubt who is dominating who right now in this bitter fight!

Back in the middle of the ring, Heather hits a fisherman's suplex that garners a 2 count, before once again channeling her inner Flair by putting on his most famous submission, that of course being the classic figure four! Jessie is in immense pain from this, and though she manages to escape it by craftily untying Heather's boots to distract her and tben dropping elbows to her knee, that pain is only made worse later when Heather targets the legs a bit more, stomping at it. Jessie is left to fight on one leg basically from here, and as the saying goes, one legged people in ass kicking contests don't tend to fare very well!