Jessica Andrews vs Nikki Lane

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Battle for Pride and Position

Jessica Andrews looks to take down the veteran Nikki Lane, in this matchup with some high stakes and just a little controversy attached!

Jessica is sick and tired of hearing about how sweet and innocent Nikki is. She feels she’s done a decent enough job during her time in the wrestling business, but that her time is coming to an end and she wants to be the one to end it, knocking her off her perch on the way to a title! Naturally, Nikki objects to that, and after a test of strength...the two get this fight for respect and positioning underway.

This contest features a side suplex, leg drops across the neck and crotch, a full nelson, a butt drop across the back, an elbow drop, an arm and shoulder stretch, a knee to the face, and corner attacks that include running and standing back elbows, a running clothesline, headbutts to the midsection, and ramming of the head into the turnbuckles.

The ending of this battle is highly disputed as one swears up and down the winner cheated to beat her! Not much is settled here as the finish begs for a rematch between these two! Who takes this round? Does the veteran Nikki show Jessica she isn’t quite ready to take that next step, or does Jessica make a name for herself at Nikki’s expense? 10 minutes