Heather Owens vs Kaci Lennox

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Grudge Match!

“Hardcore” Heather Owens and Kaci Lennox have just a bit of a bone to pick with each other, and in “Grudge Match” they take that bone to the ring and settle their problems, in an extremely physical and hard hitting contest. Not going to see much in the way of catch as catch can wrestling here! This is just a pure fight between two women who simply don’t like each other! Who ends up on top when everything is over?

The issue heading into this match boils down to one thing, respect! Kaci, the younger and less experienced of the two wrestlers, doesn’t think very highly of Heather, and this pisses Heather off greatly! As the elder grappler here, she thinks she deserves some respect from Kaci, and if she isn’t gonna get it, she’ll just have to beat it out of her! She is not about to take crap from some young bitch who doesn’t know her place! She’s fucking “Hardcore” Heather Owens! She didn’t get that nickname by running away from a fight! She got it by whipping girls’ asses if they talked too much bullshit, and she’s about ready to whip Kaci’s!

It takes a moment for the fight to really get going as the woman trade headlocks and go behinds at the start of it, but once it heats up, both ladies really go at each other hard! It’s effectively a brawl, full of punches, kicks, and chokes, with head rams into the corner from Kaci, and boot choking and chops in the corner, as well as an eye poke, from Heather tossed in along the way. If you’re looking for a technical masterpiece, this ain’t it! This is as old school as old school wrestling gets!

Even the few technical moves are used for maximum pain more than anything in this one! Heather has the majority of them, with a sitting surfboard that lifts Kaci’s feet clear off the mat, a brutal arm and shoulder stretch, and an arm trap crossface, while Kaci makes use of what she terms as an old school rear naked choke on her end of things.

Which of these tough women ends up victorious in this vicious fight to settle a score?

This is a great bout to have if you enjoy the rougher, more realistic style of wrestling from days long past. It’s a throwback match if there ever was one! 10 minutes

(Shot in 4K)