Heather Owens And Kathy Owens vs Matt Gilbert

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Painful Lesson! *MIXED WRESTLING; 2 ON 1*

Sexist Matt Gilbert gets taken apart by the Owens sisters, Kathy and “Hardcore” Heather, after running his mouth just a little too much in “Painful Lesson”!

Matt is disgusted! He is appalled that he was asked to come to Classy Broads Wrestling, to see “piece of crap” females get into “his” ring. He believes they belong in the bedroom, having kids, and lying on their backs!

Hearing this, into the ring come the Owens sisters, as confident as can be! They’re pretty much dismissive of Matt’s stereotypical and prejudiced comments (which further include him suggesting they belong in the kitchen also once the ladies show up), making jokes about it. Matt’s not in the mood for games though. He attacks the siblings, bringing their heads together in a double noggin knocker, ending the talk, and getting the match underway!

With Heather stumbling into the corner from the assault, Matt grabs Kathy and throws her hard into her, eliciting a loud moan of pain from the smaller sister! Matt is having no trouble so far with these two, laughing at how weak they are!

He continues, kicking at Heather in the corner, including targeting her crotch, making her shout in pain once more, and choking her with his foot. Matt forgets about Kathy however as he is doing this, and he pays a hefty price for it! She runs up at him with a double axe handle to his back, and this is where Matt’s fun ends and Heather and Kathy’s fun begins!

A shot to the head follows the attack, and then with Matt prone on the mat from both blows, Heather and Kathy take turns dropping down hard on the small of his back, separately at first and then together! Matt hates this, feeling like his back is stinky from their asses hitting him, but there’s nothing he can do!

After taking a knee to the ribs from Kathy next, suddenly Matt is having a change of heart! He offers money to the duo, desperate to try and settle this issue without any more pain. The request of course though, is fruitless with the only response coming in the form of individual strikes to his bald head from each woman! Matt is not gonna get any sympathy here, just mocking and derision!

Back down on the mat, the girls drop a double elbow on him, with stomps to his body coming after that, taunting him all the while. Poor Matt has really put his in foot in it, and he knows it!

The most painful has yet to be felt though for him unfortunately, as now Kathy and Heather decide they want to make a sandwich, using him as the meat! They each run at him from opposite sides of the ring and squash him like a bug between their bodies! Matt is not amused by this “joke” needless to say, being left in a very bad way!

The onslaught is still long from over though, with STIFF kicks delivered to his back first by both women, and then his chest by Kathy. After her kick, Heather gets an idea for a special double team, calling out to her sister about doing a double ass smash into his face! Matt vocally protests, but it matters not, as he swiftly gets sandwiched again just as Heather desired! Being ass attacked again, he is horrified at this! He swears he has brown spots on his head from the butt crushing!