Hardcore Heather Owens vs Sassy Stephie

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Old foes collide in this bout with an international flavor, as Canadian “Hardcore” Heather Owens and American Sassy Stephie do battle! The pair have a slight disagreement over the outcome of their last encounter, as Heather believes she got the better of Stephie, while Stephie thinks the opposite and that she got the better of her vs. the other way around.

As the two go back and forth over the issue with neither wanting to back down to the other as to who is the better woman, a wager is decided on in their upcoming match to settle things. The ladies agree to stakes wherein Stephie will have to pay Heather $100 and do her laundry if she loses, and conversely if she wins Heather will have to pay her $100 American herself and be her maid for a month. That’s in addition to kissing her sass!

Once all the particulars are settled upon, the two get into what turns out to be a very technical style wrestlingmatch. Most of the match sees the two trading various submission holds both standing and on the ground, that include wristlocks, hammerlocks, headlocks, reverse chinlocks and arm and shoulder stretches. There are some knee drops, stomps and punches sprinkled in as the match winds down, but the heavy majority of the battle is more about skill than it is brutality.

Eventually a winner emerges, leaving the other defeated and made to pay up! Who takes this one? This is great for those that enjoy old school submission style wrestling! 10 minutes