Desi Derata vs Allie Parker

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I’m Gonna Make You Tap!

In “I’m Gonna Make You Tap!”, our second matchup shot on location in Las Vegas, Nevada, Allie Parker takes on Desi Derata in a tough submission style battle! Desi believes she can make Allie tap, but Allie has just a little bit to say about that!

Desi comes into this match with a chip on her shoulder! She feels she is exactly where she belongs. Allie however begs to differ, claiming she doesn’t belong anywhere near her. She is rather angered in fact, that she is in her space! Her purple haired opponent responds to that, by stating it’s not her area she wants to be in, but rather that her place is the ring. She further states that she is gonna prove it to Allie!

When Desi’s less than impressed foe questions how she plans to do that, mocking her even by asking if she gonna beat her up, Desi let’s her know that beating her up would be too easy. No, what she wants to do is make her tap!

To say that Allie doubts she can do that is putting it mildly! In her eyes, she doesn’t tap, she makes OTHERS tap! She playfully starts smacking Desi as she says this, again teasing her. Desi is not amused by Allie’s antics, making it 100% clear she is serious about this. In fact, the more Allie plays with her, the more she wants to whoop her ass! Heated words and shoves are exchanged from here, and soon the girls lock up and get the match started!

Given that the point of debate going into the bout was who could tap who, this is a fairly technical contest for the most part. Holds such as side headlocks, wristlocks, hammerlocks, headscissors, a surfboard, reverse and frontside bearhugs, an arm stretch in the corner mixed with a boot choke, a half crab, a camel clutch, and an armbar are all brought out over the course of the bout. Both ladies are determined to make a statement to the other!

There is a small bit of brawling sprinkled throughout things as well, including a head ramming into the corner spot, but the vast majority of this one is about submissions and breaking the other woman’s will.

Who leaves the ring with her pride damaged and ego bruised after being made to tap? Is it Allie or Desi?

Like the previous matchup shot here, there is great quality and camera work for this one! You’d be hard pressed to find much better than this in the pro ranks! 10 Minutes