Amber O'neal vs Santana Garrett

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Friendly Submission Challenge!

Amber O’Neal challenges long-time friend and ring rival Santana Garrett to a submission match as they get together for the first time in a long time in “Friendly Submission Challenge”, something Santana is more than happy to take her up on! Of course as good of a friendship as they have off the mat, both are highly competitive on it! Who comes out on top in this particular encounter between them?

Of the two ladies, Santana is the more aggressive by a considerable margin. Even being friends with Amber, she isn’t afraid to get rough with her by any stretch! She delivers forearms to the face, back of the head and small of the back of Amber, headbutts her in the head, drops her butt down across her back along with knees into the side of said back, viciously wrenches her leg, bends over her knee during a Test of Strength, hits her with Front and Reverse Atomic Drops and connects with her patented Handspring Back Elbow as well!

Santana throws in a few more technical moves in addition to all of the stiffer stuff, incorporating a Wristlock, a Hammerlock, Rear Chinlocks, an Arm and Shoulder Stretch, a Full Nelson and a Camel Clutch, but a lot of it is secondary to her more physical punishment. That’s not to say it doesn’t hurt Amber all the same though, because it very much does!

In contrast to her friend’s attacks, Amber’s offense is much more mat based. She relies on her own Wristlock and Hammerlocks, a Side Headlock, a Surfboard, two STF variations, arm attacks consisting of an Armlock, Armbars and knees to the arm, a Leg Lock and a Boston Crab to try and come away from this friendly matchup victorious!

Whose wrestling style wins out here?

Completely no frills wrestling action in this one! It’s great if you like matches that get straight down to business with no bullshit involved in any way! There’s no story here, no bells and whistles, it’s just pure wrestling for wrestling’s sake!

(Shot in 4K)