Allie Parker vs. Violet Payne w/special ref Desi

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4 Corners Match! (KO)

Coming on the heels of their last Vegas encounter that saw newcomer Violet Payne get defeated by the veteran Allie Parker, we have their rematch that was asked for by Violet in the aftermath 4 Corners style!

Given the special rules for this match that require one woman to drag the other to all 4 corners in succession, the lovely Desi is on hand here for this one to oversee things as a referee.

There’s no technical moves or holds to speak of in this battle! It’s just a straight up brawl! Allie and Violet have a fight to the finish, choking (with hands and boots both), ramming heads and bodies into the corners, elbowing, stomping and punching each other from the very beginning as they each try to pull the other around to all 4 corners of the ring and get the win.

About halfway through it appears one woman has done just that, actually knocking out her opponent in the process! But wait! It seems our special ref Desi inadvertently had a hand in the finish! Recognizing this, the outcome is rendered moot once the loser has woken back up, and the match is made to restart.

The two lock horns again, this time to a legit ending. How does this second round play out? Does the outcome remain the same, or does the initial loser turn things around and become the actual winner? And also does Violet get a measure of revenge after losing to Allie previously? Only way to get those answers is to buy this match!

Shot in the high quality you can only get from these Vegas matches!