Allie Parker vs Shotzi Blackheart

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It’s Allie’s Ring: Ripping Apart The New Girl! (SQUASH)

In her very first match for UWW, Shotzi Blackheart makes the mistake of running her mouth in Allie Parker’s Vegas ring, getting absolutely ANNIHILATED by her as a result! It’s a classic squash match Allie style in “It’s Allie’s Ring: Ripping Apart The New Girl”!

Allie is really excited to see Shotzi in her ring...going to greet her with a handshake even before the match begins. Shotzi in no mood for such pleasantries! She promptly denies the attempted show of respect, and calls Alliea liar, a cheater and a coward! Allie is totally aghast at these comments! No one has EVER referred to her as Shotzi just did before! Furthermore, it’s all LIES! She’s NEVER lied, NEVER cheated, and sure as hell ISN’T a coward!

Shotzi though refuses to take the comments back, daring Allie to do something about it if she doesn’t like it being said in her ring. Well that turns out to be a MAJOR mistake, because Allie does just that! She flies at Shotzi in a rage, sending her into the corner with a rush of energy, and attacks her there with several punches to the face!

Following this assault, she tries to get Shotzi to lock up conventionally in the center of the ring. Shotzi says she will, but doubles down on the earlier comments she made about her, reiterating all 3 of them! This makes Allie furious all over again, and she rushes at her a second time, sending her into the opposite corner from before! A knee to the body, and another punch to the face come once she is there, before Allie decides to choke her with her boot! Allie is more furious than perhaps she has ever been, and is Shotzi ever feeling it!

Being brought out of the corner, Allie takes the hurting rookie over to the ropes and uses them as a weapon on, pressing a knee into her back as her neck lay over them. The attack here is then intensified when she pulls Shotzi up and applies a standing surfboard on her, using the ropes for leverage. Shotzi is really wishing she didn’t open her mouth about now, cause Allie is making her pay huge!

Allie’s vicious use of the ropes continues, as she drags her begging opponent around the ring, making sure her face is up against the top rope, and then slams her head into one of the corner turnbuckles. Having her back into the one of the corners at that point, Allie’s attention goes to Shotzi’s green hair.....tugging on it and pulling it through the ropes in an incredibly nasty move! It’s still not “cheating”, but it sure is dirty! Not that Allie cares! She’s far too pissed for that!

Once she is done targeting her hair, she goes back to chokes, grabbing the aching Shotzi by the throat, and shortly after pressing her knee on her neck as Shotzi lay against the ropes. She also goes after her arms here, pulling one through the rope, and making things even more painful by putting her boot up on said rope to really torment her now much less cocky foe! Shotzi screams in absolute agony! If she could put a stop to this assault now, she absolutely would.....but she can’t of course! Only Allie can decide how long her penance goes, and she’s not nearly ready to stop her beating yet! 8 minutes