Allie Parker vs Monica "Flower Bomb" Garcia

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Allie Parker welcomes another colorful haired newbie to her Vegas ring for a lesson in purple haired Latina Monica “Flowerbomb” Garcia, but unlike her previous opponent Shotzie Blackheart, Allie ends up getting the shock of a lifetime when Monica leaves her KO’d! It’s a rude awakening you really have to see to believe in “Allie Gets Flowerbombed”!

For almost the entire contest, the idea that Allie would end up in such a way is unthinkable! Just like she had done with Shotzie, Allie takes Monica to school for daring to come into her ring, literally shove her when she gets too close to her, and generally think she can rule it! The only difference between the two pure dominations, is in how she goes about it!

You see, when she took apart Shotzie, it was all about brutality and dirty tactics. This beatdown here on the other hand, sees none of that. No, here Allie shows a much more and really rarely seen technical side of her, using a myriad of different holds on the mat to torture the mouthy Monica. These include head, body and leg scissors (one of the head scissors being made more painful by the addition of her arms being wrapped around her head to go with it), arm bars and stretches, modified STFs, two different surfboard submissions with one having Monica sitting up and one with her on her stomach, a half crab, and a camel clutch. A tiny amount of the old Allie is shown also via a stomach claw and a little hair pulling, but by and large, this is a very different Allie than is normally seen!

But perhaps she should have stuck to those old tactics....maybe then she wouldn’t have had to face what happens the very end! There, a victory all but assured, she has Monica in a body scissor, putting extra leverage on it by grabbing her head and pulling her whole body back as she lay behind her, when all of a sudden Monica gets a HUGE burst of energy to break the hold! And she is PISSED!

Allie is STUNNED beyond belief! She has no idea how in the world this just happened to her! She thought she had Monica beat! As she processes exactly what is going on, Monica pounces, wrapping her arms around Allie’s throat in a choke while proclaiming “You messed with wrong flowerbomb”! It only takes mere moments before the choke knocks Allie completely out, Monica having succeeded in taking over her ring in a truly shocking way!