Allie Parker vs Heather Monroe

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Battle Of The Egos!

Two of the bigger egos in UWW collide in “Battle Of The Egos”, as Heather Monroe battles Allie Parker to establish who the top bitch of the ring really is! Both have reputations as being the toughest and best around, but only one can come out of this with that reputation still intact! Who will it be?

Allie makes the stakes completely clear before this match even gets going, telling Heather that she is lucky to even be gracing her ring! After all, she doesn’t just let anyone in it, so it should be seen as a big privilege that Heather is allowed to be!

Heather, who has her own self confidence about her, isn’t buying what Allie is selling though! She sees Allie as having a big head, and wishes to humble her! When Allie responds to that by reiterating the idea that she is the best wrestler in the west, Heather calls bullshit on it!

Being called on the carpet in such a way pisses Allie off something fierce! And she doesn’t like to be angry! Heather insinuates now seeing her all her worked up to the point of sweating, that she is scared of her! For all her talk and bravado, there’s no way she could beat her in a match!

Allie of course disagrees with this assessment, and as a result Heather challenges her to put her money where her mouth is right there and then! Being directly dared to wrestle suddenly makes Allie step back however, her earlier confidence fading from her. Despite the abrupt hesitancy though, she does in the end agree to the match, and the ladies lock up in the center of the ring.

Jitters notwithstanding, Allie backs up her talk fairly well. She actually controls a decent portion of the matchup as a matter of fact. She makes use of things like a clothesline, a in close butt splash, some boot choking and arm stretching through the ropes (all of which are done in the corner), choking on the ropes, some of her well known knee attacks on the mat that include slamming Heather’s knee to the mat a couple of times over, a front facelock, a camel clutch, repeated short elbow drops to Heather while she’s on the canvas, and a diving headbutt to the crotch.

Not phased, her blonde opponent takes all that and dishes out a fair amount of punishment herself as well. This comes in the form of her own camel clutch, corner clotheslines and boot chokes, corner stomps, lots of body and face punches, and one of her trademark moves in the cartwheel butt splash in the corner.

Which of these two self-assured wrestlers comes out on top in this battle and humbles the other? Was Allie right to be hesitant to take Heather up on her challenge? There’s a highly upset loser in this one!

Good matchup between two of the more cocky women in UWW. If you prefer the bad girls of wrestling, this is the match for you!

(Shot in 4K)