Allie Parker and Jessie Belle vs Ray Lyn and Veronica Fairchild

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Got a good tag team bout for you with this one! It features Allie Parker and Jessie Belle, taking on Ray Lyn and Veronica Fairchild (or the whores according to Jessie), with “Hardcore” Heather Owens as the referee. There’s a lot of talk flying back and forth before this one even starts, but what happens once the action begins?

The match features side headlocks, wrist and hammerlocks, choking with the arms, choking using the rope, a running seated butt splash in the corner, clotheslines that include a double clothesline, a body slam, a slam to the mat by the hair, and a roll up pin attempt. There is also plenty of corner double teaming and general tag team cheating behind Heather’s back (namely done by Allie and Jessie), seen over the course of the contest.

Allie and Jessie go into this matchup cocky about their chances, and control a good portion of things in it, but are they able to get the victory?

The losers of this match are really angry, claiming cheating from their opponents. They demand a rematch! Time will tell if they get one!

This match is good for those that enjoy some old school style tag team action! Shot in 4K!