Sarah Brooke My Partner! My Friend!

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I first met Sarah Brooke when I hired her for another wrestling project I was working on back in November of 2015. I liked Sarah instantly and I was really impressed by her talent. We didn't get the chance to talk much that day. but we made plans to work together again January.We finally got the chance to talk after the January shoot. We really hit it off and there was good chemistry between us. The other wrestling project fell apart in April of 2016. Women's Mat Wrestling was then formed and we are going strong and still here. Sarah wasn't on the first WMW. show. But,she was someone I knew we needed on our roster. I was delighted when she agreed to work for me. A couple months later Sarah became our event coordinator and she has been a huge part of the company ever since and our friendship has grown stronger.
Sarah and I have considered ourselves partners for a while now. We recently made it official and Sarah is now my co-owner at Women's Mat Wrestling and Ultimate Women's Wrestling. I feel that working together for over a year before becoming partners is a great benefit to us. We know each others highs and lows and we've learned how much we appreciate each other too. It's not always easyin this business and there's been ups and downs but we've survived and have a strong bond. Sarah is such a hard worker and is driven to succeed. I truly feel we compliment each other and that we are going to do great.
Sarah made her pro debut at our last shoot. While,she is new to UWW and pro wrestling. She respects it and she is such a great athlete that i feel she is going to be a major force at UWW.. The future looks bright for UWW and WMW and i couldn't be happier to have Sarah with me on this journey!