Full line up for UWW'S January 14 shoot!

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UWW returns on January 18 for a huge shoot. We feel that from top to bottom this is the best shoot we have ever had. We have a very diverse and talented group of Ladies joining us on that day here is the full line up!Jessie Belle, Ray Lyn. Crystal Fire.Allie Parker, Jezabel Romo ,Salina De La Renta, Jessica Andrews ,Fantasy ,Kaci Lennox ,Aja Pererra ,Dementia D'rose, Kiera Hogan, Missdiss Lexia, MJ Jenkins ,Santana Commissioner Sarah Brooke, Layne Rosario, Amber Nova, Betty Battles, and Sin D!Male talent- Chasyn Rance! We will be posting more info about this great shoot soon!

The Dawn Of A New Era!

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A new era is dawning in UWW! So excited about all the new things we have planned. We plan to fip the pro wrestling customs scene on it's ear and really shake things up. We have some new ideas that we just can't wait to share with you. 2018 looks to be a great year for us.

Allie Parker looks to have the upperhand on Sarah Brooke. But can you ever really beat your boss? I'm sure the war between Sarah and Allie will continue in 2018. What role will Jezabel Romo play in all of this remains to be seen. One thing is sure we love our friends at Lucha Girls and look forward to working with them more in the future. UWW is a Florida based company with a strong west coast influence.

What role will those Classy Broads play in all this We plan to be a harder hitting more action pcked company going forward. We will always have lots of comedy and specialty matches as well. As a customs company you the fan get to decise our direction But,you have been telling us this is what you want to see and we will always do our best to give the fans what they want. We are nothing without them

You have other options for customs and we know that. So we are going to do our best to make sure you are satisfied and offer things that will differentiate us from the pack. We will be revealing some of these new concepts soon. We respect the tradition and legends of the sport. But,unlike some we are not stuck in the past! W are old school wrestling with a New School attitude. We hope you enjoy our product and keep an eye on this blog for all the upcoming UWW news!

Our History!

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Our company was founded in 2014 by Megan "Little Bit" Wells. Megan was seeking to build a company that would provide the wrestlers with a great place to work and give the fans quality customs for theirmoney. Megan succeeded beyond her wildest dreams!

Some of the ladies that appeared in the original UWW include Melanie Cruise,Little Bit,Nikki Lane,Jennifer Justice,Arkansas Terror,Sarah Summers,Kathy Owens,Diamond Doll,Paris Kelly,Veronica Fairchild,Rock C,Amazing Maria,Jessica Andrrews,and many more.

In 2016 the company was sold to Michael Walker and the base of operations was moved to FL. Some of the laadies who have wrestled inthe new UWW include Jessie Belle,Heather Owens,Betty Battles,Santana,Allie Parker,Jezabel Romo,Paige Turner,and many more! We will always be grateful to our founder for all that she did to establish UWW as a player in the customs world!

We have a bright future ahead of us and look forward to taking UWW to the next level. We are so thankful for all the fans that support us and the wrestlers that work for us. We would be nothing withut you

Big Shoot This Sunday!

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So excited about our big shoot on Sunday. We have an amazing line up and we will be producing some great downloads for this site! Can't wait to work with Malibu,Paige Turner,Rock C,Kathy Owens,Allie Parker and all the ladies